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Integrate Cardtapp with Agile CRM
Integrate Cardtapp with Agile CRM

How to integrate Cardtapp with Agile CRM

Updated over a week ago

Agile CRM is a popular customer relationship management system thanks to its simplicity and its pricing model.

In order to request an integration between Agile CRM and CardTapp, you will need to obtain your Agile CRM API Key. Only Agile CRM administrators can access this information.

Here's how to find your API key:

  1. In the very top right corner of your screen, click on the round avatar icon to bring up your settings.

  2. Click on "Admin Settings"

  3. In the left navigation area, click on "Developers & API"

  4. Copy the string of letters and numbers labeled "REST API". This identifier is what you will need to provide to CardTapp so that your integration can be configured.

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