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Transitioning to a New Learning Approach: The Shift from Team-Based Webinars
Transitioning to a New Learning Approach: The Shift from Team-Based Webinars
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In our continuous effort to enhance your team's learning experience, we have piloted a transition from team-based webinars to comprehensive, self-guided training modules.

What we found

After resoundingly positive results demonstrating measured improvement in product utilization rates and overall customer adoption, we have transitioned our learning approach for enterprise customers as of June 1st, 2023.

This decision was made after careful consideration of various factors, and we believe it will better serve your needs. Here's why:


Our self-guided training modules offer the convenience of learning at your own pace and on your own schedule. This flexibility eliminates the need to adjust your team's calendar to accommodate a live webinar, allowing your team to focus on learning when it is most convenient for them.

Personalized Learning Experience

The training modules are designed to cater to your team members' specific learning needs. Your team has the freedom to focus on the features that are most relevant to your work and revisit any module as often as necessary to ensure a thorough understanding.


Self-guided learning has proven to be more efficient for our users. Your team members can progress through the modules at a pace that suits their familiarity with the content, whether that means moving quickly through familiar topics or taking more time to grasp new concepts.


Webinars can sometimes lead to inconsistent learning experiences due to variations in presentation style or the specific questions addressed during a session. In contrast, our training modules provide a consistent, standardized learning experience for all users.

We understand that this transition may require some adjustment, but we are confident that this new approach will enhance your team's learning experience and facilitate a deeper understanding of our platform's features.

As always, we are here to support you throughout this process. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing our journey together with Cardtapp.

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