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Understanding Zapier Actions: The "Create Contact" Action in Cardtapp
Understanding Zapier Actions: The "Create Contact" Action in Cardtapp

Zapier Actions: Understanding and Utilizing Them in Integrations

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In the world of automation, while triggers are the events that initiate a process, actions are the tasks that get executed as a result. Zapier, as a leading automation tool, offers a myriad of actions that can be performed once a trigger is activated. In this article, we'll delve into one such action related to Cardtapp: the "Create Contact" action.

What is the "Create Contact" Action?

Create Contact is an action available in the Cardtapp-Zapier integration. When this action is activated, it creates a new contact within Cardtapp, provided the contact does not already exist. This ensures that your Cardtapp contact list remains up-to-date without any duplicates.

Use Cases:

  • If you have a form on your website where visitors can sign up for newsletters or webinars, you can set up a Zap where the trigger is "New Form Submission" and the action is "Create Contact in Cardtapp."

  • If you receive an email with a new lead, you can set up a Zap to extract the contact details from the email and create a new contact in Cardtapp.

Rate Limitations for the "Create Contact" Action

When using the "Create Contact" action in Zapier, especially in the context of sending text messages of the Cardtapp app share, there are specific rate limitations to be aware of:

  1. Limit Without Long-Code: If you're not using a long-code, you can send up to 5 text messages per day using the "Create Contact" action. These messages are sent via the Cardtapp short code phone number 36260. This is to prevent spamming and ensure the quality of communication.

  2. Increasing the Rate with Long-Code: If you find the default rate limiting restrictive, there's an option to increase it. By purchasing a long-code, you can boost your text message sending limit to 250 messages per day. This is especially beneficial for businesses with higher outreach needs.

What Exactly is a Long-Code in Cardtapp?

A Long-Code in Cardtapp is a 10-digit phone number. It's available to users on most Enterprise Plans and for those on the Professional Plan tier or higher. This 10-digit phone number, often referred to as the Cardtapp business line, is what supports sharing via your dedicated Cardtapp VOIP number. For instance, your Cardtapp business line might look something like this: (425) 555-5555.

Having a dedicated number like this not only allows for increased text message sending capabilities but also provides a professional touch to your communications, making it clear to recipients that the message is coming from a legitimate business source.


Zapier's "Create Contact" action for Cardtapp is a powerful tool for businesses looking to automate their contact management process. However, it's essential to be aware of the rate limitations, especially when sending text messages. By understanding the benefits of a dedicated long-code, or the Cardtapp business line, and the use of the Cardtapp short code for limited sends, businesses can make the most of their automation strategies and communicate effectively with their audience.

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