You may not already know this, but with your subscription, you have two mobile apps and access to your desktop dashboard.

  1. Tapper app (aka Digital Business Card App) - What your leads, clients, and referral partners use

  2. TappTracker app - For you as the app owner only (Login required)

  3. Desktop Dashboard - For you or an assistant to use (Login required)

How to install your digital business card app

To install your digital business card app, you will need to use the link we initially sent you via text message, or you can share it with yourself in the following ways:

1. Log in to your Desktop dashboard and navigate to the blue ‘Send App’ button in the top right corner:

2. Fill in your name and mobile number (any other information is not required)

3. Click send. You should receive a text message shortly with your app link to install your app.

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