Adding tags to Contacts is a great way to keep your network organized, but it's a manual process that requires you to manage Tappers individually.

If you have an EasyText keyword, you can automated this process by sharing your app via EasyText and include a tag to automatically assign to new or existing Tappers.

To generate and assign a tag to a new Contact using EasyText, simply add a tag after your keyword and ask them to include that in their text, so instead of prompting trade show attendees or lunch & learn guests to "Text yourkeyword to 36260", ask instead for them to "Text yourkeyword #thistradeshow to 36260".

The text that follows the hashtag/pound sign (#) will automatically be included in the Contact record upon following the link for your app.

Has the same Contact attended both a trade show and a lunch & learn? No problem!

Keywords from different events in separate messages are all added to the "Tags" field in the Contact's record.

For more details search for the documentation on creating automated tags in TappTracker or Dashboard

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