Using contact tags

Adding tags is an easy way to categorize and manage your contacts, leads, and customers.

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Adding tags is an easy way to categorize and manage app users. It's also a great way to identify and proactively engage with leads interested in particular products or services. Moreover, you can pinpoint leads that may have specific questions about a solution you offer.

Here are some ways to use tags to help identify hot leads to focus follow-up and close more deals.

  1. Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab of the dashboard and click on the name of any contact you want to add a tag for.

2. You have two options here:

  • Click where it says ‘Add a tag’ to select a preset tag option from the drop-down

  • Click where it says ‘Add a tag’ and enter the new tag. Click ‘Enter’ when finished

3. Once you have added tags for your users, you can sort and filter by these categories from your home page. Click the “home” icon in the upper left-hand corner to return to your contacts page, and then you can click “Show Filters” above your contacts list.

4. After you open your filters, you will see all available tags, including the preset tags and any custom tags you’ve created.

Choose one or multiple tags to sort your contacts by selecting from the dropdown as shown below:

Note: You can select contacts via tags when creating a bulk texting campaign.

5. When you’re finished, simply ‘X’ out of the filter tags you previously added to get back to viewing all of your contacts.

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