Cannot update cobranding partner's information

Having trouble updating the name, email, phone number, or website of a cobranded partner? Here are a few helpful tips.

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Cannot update a co-branded partner's contact information

Why am I unable to update a cobranded partner's information?

If you see "Not Registered" on a Contact (ie. Cobranded Partner's) record in your Desktop Dashboard, this indicates that the Referral Partner has not yet installed your app.

How do I resolve this issue?

To enable a cobranding partner, the Cobranded Partner will need to first install your mobile app.

In these scenarios, we recommend that you reach out to the Cobranded Partner via phone/text message and walk them through the installation process so that you can complete the setup process to enable them as a co-branded partner.

Once the app is installed by the Referral Partner, you will then be able to set up and edit the Cobranded Partner's information including:

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Email Address

Issue uploading a cobranding partner's photo

Updating a referral partner's photo is an important part of building out your network of co-branding partners. In order to ensure a smooth and successful photo upload process, please follow the guidelines outlined below.

Image Requirements:

  • The image must be in .jpeg or .png format

  • The photo size cannot exceed 3 MB

  • The image cannot be in any other format

Step 1: Prepare the Image

Before you attempt to upload the image, make sure that it meets the requirements outlined above. You can check the image file size by right-clicking on the image file on your Desktop and selecting "Properties" (PC) or "Get Info" (Mac)

Step 2: Upload the Image

Click the "Add/Change Photo" button and select the image file you wish to upload.

Step 3: Confirm the Upload

After the image has finished uploading, take a moment to confirm that the image has been properly uploaded and that it meets the requirements.

In the event that the image fails to upload

Please review the checklist outlined above to confirm that the image meets the requirements. If the image still fails to upload, try resizing the image or converting it to .jpeg or .png format.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of updating a referral partner's photo. Good luck!

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