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Partner Engine & Co-Branding
Partner Engine & Co-Branding

Unlimited cobranding of your digital business card app with referral partners.

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Set up a new cobranding partner from the Quick Actions menu
Add existing contacts as partners from the contact gridEasier than ever to enable existing contacts branded partners
Preview cobranding partners in the desktop dashboardHow to preview cobranding partners in the desktop dashboard
Sort the contact grid by your cobranding partnersQuickly sort your contact list to view contacts who have a cobranded version of your app
Quickly filter your contact list to view only your cobranding partnersNew filters make it easy to find your key referral partners
Filter contacts to view partnered appsSelect a partner using the filter to view a list of only one partner's co-branded contacts
View activity of users from the Interactions tab of your Desktop DashboardClick on the interactions tab to view a real-time feed of activity with your digital business card app
Elevate Your Co-Branding Strategy with the New Partner Usage Reports Feature
Set up partner usage reportsEmail co-branding partners with a daily report for leads they referred
Co-branding partner landing pagesProduct Release Notes: Introducing the New Co-Branded Landing Page Feature