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EasyText - SMS Auto-Responder
Find EasyText keyword on Desktop Dashboard
Find EasyText keyword on Desktop Dashboard

Find Easytext / SMS auto-response keyword or text keyword from your Desktop Dashboard

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In this support article, we will guide you through the steps to find your EasyText – SMS auto-response keyword (aka text keyword) from the Desktop Dashboard.

Find Your EasyText keyword

Step 1: Log in to your desktop dashboard

The first step is to log in to your desktop dashboard. You can do so by visiting the following link:

Step 2: Find the Phone Icon

Once you have logged into your desktop dashboard, you will be taken to the dashboard overview page. To move on to the next step and find your EasyText keyword, you need to locate and click the phone icon in the top right corner. In the image below you can see the "phone icon" where your Easytext keyword is located.

Step 3: View your EasyText / Auto-response keyword

After you have located and clicked the phone icon, you will be presented with all of your EasyText keyword. You can copy your keyword and paste it exactly as it appears anywhere that you would like to include your keyword.

Cardtapp – View your EasyText or auto-response keyword

We hope this support article was able to help guide you through finding your EasyText keyword. With EasyText enabled and your keyword in hand, you can now provide your customers with a link to your app quickly and easily.

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