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Share cobranded app using SMS keyword

Share a cobranded app using the SMS keyword

Updated over a week ago

Cardtapp is a powerful software that allows you to easily manage your referral relationships and create a co-branded (and shareable) digital business card app. One of the features that sets Cardtapp apart from other marketing tools is the SMS Auto Response feature (also, referred to as Easytext).

Leveraging the Easytext keyword, you can automatically send a co-branded app to anyone who texts a specific keyword to a designated number.

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a co-branded app keyword in Cardtapp:

Login to your Cardtapp dashboard:

Navigate to "Settings" on the left-hand side of your Desktop Dashboard

Then, click on "Manage App"

Click the "Add Keyword" button to create a new keyword.

Give your keyword a name. For example, if you're a Loan Officer named Reid and you have a co-branded partner set up named Brent, you could use "reid and brent" as your keyword.

Select the co-branded partner you want to be associated with this keyword.

Click the save icon to save your changes.

Now, anyone who texts "reid and brent" to 36260 will receive a link to get the app with Brent as a Co-Branded Partner

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