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Add new Cardtapp contacts to Keap

Automatically add new contacts from Cardtapp to Keap as Contacts

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Manually moving Cardtapp contacts to Keap CRM can be a repetitive chore. Simplify your workflow with this integration, which automatically transfers new Cardtapp contacts straight into Keap CRM. This integration not only reduces the risk of manual entry errors but also ensures that your CRM remains updated, allowing you to concentrate on nurturing relationships and growing your business.

Use our pre-built template

Integration Overview

  1. Zapier Trigger: When a new Tapper (ie. Lead / Contact) is created in Cardtapp

  2. Zapier Action: Then, creates or updates a contact in Keap

Benefits of this Integration

  • Utilize the pre-built Zapier template for a hassle-free setup.

  • Eliminate manual data entry between Cardtapp and Keap.

  • Never miss out on potential leads.

  • Speed up your sales cycle by instantly capturing leads.

Advanced Configuration

Step-by-step Guide to Set Up the Integration

  1. Pre-requisites:

    • Ensure you have active accounts on Cardtapp, Keap, and Zapier.

    • You should have the required permissions on both platforms to set up integrations.

  2. Log into Zapier:

    • Navigate to the Zapier homepage.

    • Sign in using your credentials.

  3. Start Creating a New Zap:

    • Click on the 'Make a Zap' button on the top right corner.

  4. Set Up the Trigger:

    • In the 'Choose App & Event' search bar, type and select "Cardtapp".

    • From the 'Trigger Event' dropdown, choose "Tapper Created".

    • Click on 'Continue'.

    • You'll be prompted to sign in to your Cardtapp account if not already connected. Follow the prompts to connect.

    • Test the trigger to ensure it's working correctly.

  5. Set Up the Action:

    • In the 'Choose App & Event' section, search and select "Keap".

    • For the 'Action Event', select "Create or Update Contact".

    • Click on 'Continue'.

    • If you haven't connected your Keap account to Zapier, you'll be prompted to do so. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    • Use the pre-built field mappings from the template to link the Tapper's details in Cardtapp to the corresponding fields in Keap.

    • Once done, test the action to ensure it creates a lead in Keap successfully.

  6. Activate the Zap:

    • Once everything looks good and the test is successful, turn on your Zap by toggling the switch at the bottom of the screen.

    • Your integration is now set up. Every new Tapper in Cardtapp will automatically become a new Contact in Keap.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions in both Cardtapp and Keap.

  • Always test your Zap thoroughly after setting it up.

  • If issues persist, reach out to Zapier's support or refer to their extensive documentation.

We hope this guide helps you seamlessly integrate Cardtapp with Keap. Should you have any questions or face any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Happy integrating!

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