Sharing your app from Cardtapp Native App (formerly TappTracker)
Updated over a week ago

Sharing your app from the Cardtapp iPhone & Android app is one of the easiest ways to share because you can import contacts from your phone!

  1. Open Cardtapp

  2. From the Share tab, manually enter the recipient's contact information or click the grey square by the “Name of Person Receiving App” field to access your phone’s contacts

  3. Select the contact you want to share your app with

  4. Click the blue “Share Now” button

The recipient will receive a text message with a link that they will click on to download the app.

🛑 Important: do not ever manually copy/paste or forward a share link to share your app.

Each time the app is shared, it creates a unique tracking link. Copying the link from the text message breaks the tracking functionality, which then requires manual adjustment through the desktop dashboard.

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