What is Cardtapp?

Here for the first time? See how Cardtapp can help – from digital business cards to omni-channel marketing and customer engagement

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The Cardtapp platform is complete with rich features that allow you to discover, engage, and convert your best customers.

Platform features overview

Digital business card app

Create digital business cards that let your prospects, clients, and referral partners interact with the marketing resources, sales collateral, and tools that are relevant to them.

Your business in every pocket

Using Cardtapp, anyone can create and send their own branded mobile app via email, text message, social media, tools, and more. The best marketing medium to share your message, brand, and collateral with prospects and clients.

Fully customizable

Customizable buttons, pages, colors, images, and app icons make each digital business card unique. Add unique flyers, brochures, and even videos.

Valuable content

Your digital business card app is loaded with all of the pertinent information that your prospects, clients, and referral partners need.

One-click connect

App users instantly have access to tools, calendars, and contact information. They know exactly where to go if they have questions.


TappTracker App logs all user activity and every share in your timeline so you can quickly prioritize your follow-ups, connect with your prospects, and nurture those vital referral source relationships.

  • Prioritize follow-up calls: no more staring at the phone trying to figure out who to call first. The hottest leads are pushed to the top of your timeline!

  • Connect with leads fast: follow up immediately with the convenient link to your prospect’s contact information right from your TappTracker timeline.

  • Nurture active referral partners: your TappTracker timeline also logs who is sharing your app so you can send a quick thank you when someone sends you new leads.

Mobile Communications Hub

The TappTracker App is your dashboard for your digital business card app activity. Use it to easily share your personalized app with your clients, referral partners, and extended network. Your TappTracker App notifies you every time your app is shared or used!

  • Real-time notifications: check your timeline to know which prospects are most interested.

  • Seamless follow-up: call anyone who has downloaded your Tapper app right from your TappTracker timeline.

  • Easy sharing: share your app right from TappTracker — the app populates with your contacts so sharing is a snap!

Easytext - SMS Auto-Reponder

Text message keyword

People can send a text message with your custom keyword that will trigger an autoresponder text message, instantly delivering your digital business card app.

Unique app keyword

Keywords are short, easy to remember, and unique for each app. Keywords quickly connect prospects with your contact info, tools, and resources.

Capture a lead's source

Add an automatic tag to your keyword instructions to automatically tag the app user with how they were sourced to effectively manage app users.

Digital leave-behind

Make presentations and webinars more engaging. Attendees text a unique keyword to access your presentation or bonus reports and white papers.

One-to-many app distribution

Not enough time to share your app with every event or webinar attendee? No problem! Use your keyword to share with everyone at once.


Build more, longer-lasting connections with referral partners by leveraging co-branding on your digital business card app.

Mobile app co-branding strengthens referral relationships and provides incentives for referral partners to deliver you more and better referrals.

Foster stronger relationships with referral partners

Co-brand your app with important referral partners. This adds value to your business relationship and incentivizes them to share your app more frequently since they are featured in their own section of your Cardtapp mobile app

Unlimited co-branding

From 1 – 100, there’s no limit on the number of business partners you can co-brand your app with. Leverage your app to strengthen any number of partnerships.

Spotlight key partners

With a co-branded app, your tools and resources as well as your business partner’s contact information and website are highlighted.

Easy customization

It takes less than a minute to add a unique link, headshot, logo, and contact information for each co-branding partner in the dashboard, or send it to us and let us help!

Marketing Flyer & QR Code

Ready-made marketing collateral and QR code

Access a pre-built and automatically generated marketing flyer that can be shared with prospects and referral partners to access your digital business card app.

The flyer includes:

App Integrations

Integrate Cardtapp with your favorite software

Connect Cardtapp with your existing CRM, marketing automation, and calendar platforms.

Seamless integrations with your existing technology

Cardtapp is designed to fit seamlessly into your technology stack of existing platforms, tools, and systems. Our platform becomes a seamless extension of your current systems and processes, transforming the way you work.

One-way lead insertion

Real-time, one-way integration inserts leads, contacts, and prospects from Cardtapp to existing software platforms.

Bi-directional contact sync

Bi-directional integration syncs leads, contacts, and prospects from Cardtapp to existing software platforms and can initiate app shares to contacts.

Enrich contact data

Our advanced integrations allow for contact engagement data from interactions with your Cardtapp mobile app to be synced to existing software platforms for richer contact data.

Text messaging software

Powerful text messaging for business

Cardtapp is an easy-to-use way to send text-messages online and engage in one-to-one and one-to-many conversations with prospects and customers. Turn prospects into customers with text message marketing.

Text messaging for better business

Engage your customers and prospects in an easy, convenient and effective way with one-to-one and one-to-many texting. to anyone, anytime. Send text messages from your computer or mobile phone in minutes. Track replies and link conversations together for fast follow-up.

One-to-many text messaging

Send bulk text messaging campaigns to all users who have registered

Dynamic fields for personalization

Create tailored and personalized messages at scale and manage responses one-to-one

Pre-built campaign message templates

Access controls provide limited, pre-approved templates and/or free-form messaging capabilities

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