Add or edit links in the contact section

Add buttons with additional information to the contact section of your app.

Updated over a week ago

If you have an assistant or someone else you would like your tappers to contact through your app, you can add custom buttons with their information to your existing contact button.

1. Log into your Desktop Dashboard. Navigate to ‘App Settings’ and then ‘App Content.’

2. Click on the ‘Contact Dialog Page’ Screen:

3. Click the plus symbol on the right to choose an option.

4. For this example, I added ‘Email’ and ‘Call Other Phone’ types for these buttons (see below).

Note: If you choose ‘Call Mobile Phone’ or ‘Call Office Phone.’ it will automatically add your cell and office numbers for the destination. You want to select the ‘Call Other Phone’ option if you add a phone number for someone other than yourself.

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