What is a digital business card?
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Customer engagement at the speed of mobile

Create digital business cards that let your prospects, clients, and referral partners interact with the marketing resources, sales collateral, and tools that are relevant to them.

Your business in every pocket

Using Cardtapp, anyone can create and send their own branded mobile app via email, text message, social media, tools, and more. The best marketing medium to share your message, brand, and collateral with prospects and clients.

The Tapper App is your digital business card. The app is a hub for all your personal business information that can be easily shared with your clients and potential leads.

The Tapper App helps users capture and generate leads. It is fully customizable to create value that keeps people referring back to your app and sharing it within their network.

Right content, at the right time for clients

Prospects, clients, and referral partners have access to your digital business card app at the touch of a button. Your customizable app streamlines communication, ensuring you are more productive than ever before. It also helps your business make more money, learn more about your customers, and ultimately do more good for everyone involved.

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface to build beautiful apps

  • Prospects get access to your app everywhere with a single click

  • Provide access to content, resources, tools, calculators, and forms

  • Instant access to key information & better relationships

  • The mobile app can be shared by referral partners in seconds

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