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Integrate Cardtapp with Surefire CRM by Top of Mind (Bi-directional Integration)
Integrate Cardtapp with Surefire CRM by Top of Mind (Bi-directional Integration)

CardTapp and Surefire by Top of Mind Bi-Directional Integration

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Do you have CardTapp and Surefire CRM by Top of Mind? You're in luck! CardTapp is excited to announce our bi-directional integration with Surefire CRM. Our integration means that leads generated through your CardTapp app are automatically added to your existing CRM. Moreover, any leads that come through alternate channels (not through CardTapp) can be configured to receive your app link via text message.

With this integration, CardTapp and Top of Mind members can create a unified prospect and customer journey. The integration gives users a workflow designed to save time and eliminate manual data entry. Simplify the process, garner new business insights & referral leads, drive repeat business, and shorten sales cycles through marketing automation.

CardTapp’s partnership with Surefire leverages prospect and customer interactions to drive data into CRM. The integration brings together Surefire’s new Power Calls capability with CardTapp’s digital assistant solution. This combination leads to increased loan officer productivity and quicker borrower outreach.

Quick Recap

The CardTapp bi-directional integration with Surefire CRM by Top of Mind will allow Loan Officers to:

  • Sync field data including (but not limited to): Email Opt-Out Status, Prospect Status, and Prospect Tags

  • Automatically share their mobile app with new prospects entering their loan process outside of the CardTapp platform.

Ultimately, this integration gives lenders more time to grow their businesses.

Requesting an Integration

In order to request an integration between Surefire 3.0 and CardTapp, you will need to obtain your Zapier API Key from within Surefire.

Please note: CardTapp only supports API keys from users who are Surefire administrators, i.e. "Branch Manager" role or higher.

Here's how to find your Zapier API key:

  1. In the left menu bar navigation, bring up your profile by clicking on "My Account" and then "My Profile".

  2. In the horizontal navigation within the "My Profile" section, click on the "Integrations" tab.

  3. Look for the text string labeled "My API Key" in the section marked "Zapier" . This identifier is what you will need to provide to CardTapp so that your integration can be configured.

    If you don't have an existing Zapier API key created, click the button labeled "Add New Integration":

Then, click on the "Zapier" tile in the pop-up dialog:

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