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Set up cobranded partners
Setting up your co-branding partners
Setting up your co-branding partners

Want to set up a cobranded partner? Here's how to add a cobranded partner

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1. Log into your desktop dashboard.

2. From your Contacts page, click on the name of the contact you want to set up as a Co-Branding partner.

Note: The blue star on the left side of the name indicates that this user is already set up as a Co-branding partner.

3. Once you click on the Contact you want to update, click ‘More Details’ and turn the toggle on to enable Co-branding. You can add your cobranding partner's information, photo, and company logo.

When you’ve finished setting them up, their app will automatically update with the co-branded version, so there is nothing more for you to do.

The people they share the app with moving forward will now receive the co-branded version as well.

Here is a preview of what the co-branding will look like on their phone:

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