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Setting up your co-branding partners

Want to set up a cobranded partner? Here's how to add a cobranded partner

Updated over a week ago

Log in to your desktop dashboard

First, you will need to log into your desktop dashboard.

Selecting your set up method

Next, proceed with one of the set up methods outlined below:

Set up a new cobranding partner from the Quick Actions menu

Adding co-branding partners to your Cardtapp digital business card app is now easier than ever with our new Quick Actions menu.

Here's what's new:

  • Add new co-branding partners before sharing the app

  • Preview new co-branding partners before sharing the app

  • Customize the text message sent to a new co-branding partner

Add a new partner from the new quick actions menu

Preview your referral partners before sharing

Customize your share text message

Add existing contacts as partners from the contact grid

Exciting news! You can now enable cobranding partners right from the contact grid.

Set up guide

Click the toggle next to an existing contact in the contact grid.

Add the Partners Job Title, Company, and Website Link

You will see a dialog open where you add the information for your cobranding partner.

The best part - you are now able to see a live preview of partner information!

Customize the Share Message

You can now customize the share text message that is sent to your partners.

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