'Not Provided' contacts/tappers?
Updated over a week ago

A contact/tapper is instantly created when your app is shared from the built-in share button, your Cardtapp Mobile Dashboard app (formerly Tapptracker), or your desktop dashboard. Whether they use the app or not, you will see the new contact/tapper, and the contact information entered is stored.

However, if someone gets your app by another method (e.g., a link in an email, email signature, Facebook share, etc.), the contact/tapper will not be created until they install the app, open it, and register.

If a registration field is optional and a new contact/tapper doesn't enter information upon registration, that field will display as "Not Provided". "Not Provided" will also show on the contact information of the contact/tapper who clicked the link at the registration page to opt-out.

The contacts/tappers' contact information is listed as "Not Registered" if they have yet to register.

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