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How to set up a new user
How to set up a new user

See how you can add a new user to your group account

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Log into your dashboard

Click on the Account Members tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard

Click the Plus icon

Complete the form fields. Note that your form fields may vary. This form has been customized to your Cardtapp process.

Depending on your Cardtapp process either click next or submit.

If your Cardtapp process more input a second form will be shown.

After completing all of the required fields click submit.

If any error should occur, please capture the details from the form and contact

Once the app has been created, click the edit button.

You will now walk through a short wizard where you can make additional changes and verify the previously entered values.

Click "I'm Done" Congratulations! You just created a new app for your member. After app creation, the new member will receive a text message with instructions for installing the app on their phone and a series of emails introducing to the Cardtapp dashboard and other features.

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