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How to share a cobranded app via QR code

Share your cobranded referral partner app via QR code

Updated over a week ago

Cardtapp makes it easy to share a cobranded version of your mobile app. All you need is a cobranded partner's dedicated QR code.

Here's how you can find and download it:

Step 1: Log In to Your Cardtapp Dashboard

Step 2: Select A Contact Record

Next, go to one of the contact records that you have enabled as your cobranding partner.

Step 3: Click on "More Details:

Step 4: Download the QR Code

Once you've selected the contact record for your partner, click on the highlighted icon to download a QR code. This code is specially designed for that partner, so it can be used to download the cobranded app.

Step 4: Share the QR Code

You can now share this QR code on any flyer, presentation, or collateral that you may have. This way, your cobranding partner can easily access and share the cobranded mobile app.

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