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Co-branding partner web link label and web link fields
Co-branding partner web link label and web link fields

What are the co-branding partner web link fields and how are they used

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The Web Link Label is a field where you can specify the label or name that will be displayed on the app for the co-branding partner's button. This label should accurately represent the content or purpose of the link.

For example, if the cobranding partner is a real estate agent and their web link leads to property listings, you might label it as "Property Listings" to provide clarity to the app users. The Web Link field is where you would enter the actual URL or web link that corresponds to the cobranding partner's content. In the case of the real estate agent example, you would enter the URL that leads to their property listings page.

By utilizing the Web Link Label and Web Link fields, you can effectively highlight and provide easy access to the cobranding partner's content within the app.

Practical examples of Web Link Labels and Web Links by Co-branding Partner Type

Here are a few more practical examples of how the Web Link and Web Link Label could be used in the context of additional co-branding partners:

  1. Real Estate Agents:

    • Web Link Label: "Find Your Dream Home"

    • Web Link: A URL leading to the real estate agent's listing page, where potential homebuyers can browse properties that match their needs.

  2. Home Inspectors:

    • Web Link Label: "Home Inspection Services"

    • Web Link: Directs to a home inspector’s website where clients can learn about the importance of home inspections and book their services.

  3. Insurance Providers:

    • Web Link Label: "Homeowner's Insurance Quotes"

    • Web Link: Links to an insurance company’s quote page, allowing clients to easily obtain insurance for their new home.

  4. Title Companies:

    • Web Link Label: "Title and Escrow Services"

    • Web Link: Directs to a title company's website, offering information about title searches, insurance, and escrow services.

  5. Appraisal Services:

    • Web Link Label: "Property Appraisals"

    • Web Link: A link to an appraisal service’s website, where clients can understand the appraisal process and request appraisals for their properties.

  6. Home Contractors:

    • Web Link Label: "Renovation and Repair Services"

    • Web Link: This link leads to a contractor’s website, useful for clients looking to renovate or repair their newly purchased homes.

  7. Legal Services:

    • Web Link Label: "Real Estate Attorneys"

    • Web Link: Directs to a legal firm specializing in real estate, providing clients with legal advice on property transactions.

  8. Financial Planners:

    • Web Link Label: "Financial Planning for Homeowners"

    • Web Link: A link to a financial planner’s website, offering advice on managing finances and investments, particularly for new homeowners.

  9. Credit Counseling Services:

    • Web Link Label: "Credit Improvement Tips"

    • Web Link: Links to a credit counseling service that helps clients improve their credit scores, which is crucial for securing a mortgage.

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