What is the contact card?

The contact card displays a snapshot of each contact above your contact list. The contact card contains the user’s contact information and tags for quick reference.

Where is the contact card?

The contact card for each user is at the top of the contact list. To access a user’s contact card:

  1. Navigate to the homepage of your desktop dashboard

  2. Search for the contact you want to view if needed.

3. Click the name of a contact to view their information and corresponding contact cards.

Using the contact card

Use the contact card as a quick way to reference information about your users and to follow up with them:

Filter the contact list by lead groups, tags OR click a column header to sort

Use the first contact card to call the engaged user.

Click the next arrow in the top right to view the next contact card. Continue this process until your outreach is complete.

How do I edit the contact card?

The contact card cannot be edited directly. To adjust a user’s contact information or tags, make adjustments to the user’s profile.

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