By default, you will get a notification from TappTracker every time someone ‘tapps’ your app, but you can easily adjust the default app notifications:

Adjust the default app notification settings

  1. Open the TappTracker App

  2. Click the menu icon (which looks like three small bars) in the top right corner.

  3. Select the ‘Preferences’ tab

App notifications:

  1. Navigate to the 'Member's App' tab in Preferences if needed

  2. Click the button next to each option and select the desired frequency from the drop-down menu (Best practice is to keep Requests and Referrals set to 'real-time')

  3. Click "Update"

Email notifications:

  1. Click the 'Email' tab in Preferences.

  2. Use the toggle button next to the email options to turn them on (blue) or off (grey)

  3. Click "Update"

Email notifications default to 'on' (blue)

  • Daily Usage Reports: The previous day's summary of app activity that is emailed daily

  • Referrals: Information entered when your app is shared (referrer's name, referral contact info, notes, and priority level) that is emailed after the app is shared

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