Campaigns Error Codes and Metrics

View campaign error codes for failed message and message delivery metrics.

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Every campaign you send provides feedback on deliverability. This can be useful when planning future text campaigns.

1. Select 'Campaigns' from the left navigation.

2. Click the chart next to the status of a sent campaign to view how many messages were successfully delivered.

You will see a breakdown of successful and unsuccessful deliveries and additional information like the percentage of errors from specific carriers. See below for specifics:

The total error rate is listed at the top as a percentage of the total messages sent. Messages could have failed to send for three primary reasons:

1. The number associated with a Tapper is a landline number that cannot receive SMS messages

2. The mobile carrier of the recipient's phone blocked the message for some reason

3. The number associated with a Tapper is a Voice Over IP (VOIP) number that cannot receive SMS messages

Beneath the channel summary, the error is a list of the specific mobile carrier errors that occurred in the particular campaign. Mobile carriers may block messages that look like marketing messages.

Though there is no surefire way to avoid these errors, try to include the "Tapper first name" merge field in your message and avoid sending multiple messages within a short time frame.

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