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How to send a text message using SMS Marketing

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In this guide, you will learn how to:

Send a text message to individual contacts

Log in to your Desktop Dashboard and navigate to the ‘SMS’ tab on the left side to open your text messages.

You can click on any previous messages you would like to reply to (see the red arrow). The plus symbol to create a new message is just above your text messages.

When you click to create a new message, a window will appear for you to choose a recipient by clicking their name.

Note: If you see a red triangle on the left of any contact’s name, you cannot send a message to this person as they have not registered for the app and have not accepted the terms and conditions.

Now that you have selected a name, you can add your text at the bottom and send it when you’re ready!

Set up a text message auto-responder to manage replies

You also have the option to set up your auto-responder. Click in the upper right corner where it says “auto-responder.”

This will open a window where you can toggle your auto-response and set your message. Don’t forget to save at the top when you’re finished!

Send a bulk text message campaign (SMS Campaign)

To create a new message/campaign, go to the 'Campaigns' tab on the left navigation in your dashboard.

Then, click on the blue circle with the plus symbol on the right-hand side.

The first step is to name your campaign. Next, you can choose the recipients by clicking the drop-down. You are given options to send a message to all your contacts/tappers. You can manually select them one by one or choose a specific group that you have tagged.

For example, if you have ten people tagged as ‘referral partners,’ you can choose this tag, and the message will only be sent to this group of tappers. More information about tags.

Next, you can send the message immediately or at a specific date and time in the future.

When drafting your message, you can insert fields available on the right-hand side to make your message more personable. You can choose to insert their name, job title, etc. And you can also switch to member insert fields with additional options like your name, email, and even your scheduling link!

Once you have finished typing your message, click ‘Schedule’ at the bottom.

You can return to the campaign section (Click ‘Campaign’ on the left-hand menu area) to view all scheduled and sent campaigns.

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