One of the best features TappTracker offers is instant notifications and the ability to take action right from the app.

Within seconds of someone sharing your app, you will be notified by TappTracker that you received a referral!

You can open it up and decide what you want to do next.

The first thing many of our members like to do is contact the person who sent the referral, say thank you, and ask any questions they might have about the potential new client.

However, since a lead is hottest the moment it is sent to you, many members like to contact the referral immediately and follow up with the person who sent them the business later.

Whatever your preference, you can quickly do both of these things from your TappTracker timeline.

Clicking ‘Thank [Sharer's Name]’ will take you to a screen that allows you to email, call, or text the person who sent you the referral. You can even add them to your phone’s contact list with one button click.

Clicking 'Contact [Referral Name]' will take you to the contact screen for the new lead. You can contact them by phone, email, text, and even add them to your contacts on your phone with just a tap of a button.

Below is an example of a referral in the TappTracker timeline. To reach out to either individual, tap their name and choose how you would like to contact them.

When you want to reach out to your referral, tap their name from either place and then choose to call them:

Or, you can tap your referral's name and text them if that is what you prefer.

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