Set up partner usage reports

Email co-branding partners with a daily report for leads they referred

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Welcome to a new era in managing your Co-Branding partnerships! We're excited to unveil our latest innovation - Partner Usage Reports.

This feature is a game-changer in offering comprehensive insights into the performance of your Co-Branding partnerships.

In this article, we'll walk through how you can enable Partner Usage Reports

Getting started

From the quick actions menu on the left hand side of the Desktop Dashboard, click on "Partner usage report recipients"

Enabling Partner Usage Reports

From the modal "Partner Usage Report Recipients," select the cobranded partners that you would like to receive the Partner Usage Report.

In this example, we have set "Reid" as a partner to receipt the Partner Usage Reports:

Selecting the partners

Once you have selected the partners who you would like to receive the reports click "Save"

Send frequency

Partner Usage Reports are sent daily, when there is activity for the previous day, and include the information of leads and interactions that have occurred from co-branding partners who shared your digital business card to another person.

Example Partner Usage Report

Subject Line: Daily Digest for [date]

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