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Product Release Notes: Introducing the New Co-Branded Landing Page Feature

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We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our platform โ€“ the Co-Branded Landing Page. Building upon our existing co-branding capabilities, this new feature revolutionizes how you share your digital business card with partners.

The Co-Branded Landing Page serves as a dynamic, shared space where both your brand and your partner's brand are prominently featured, offering a more impactful and unified presentation to your clients and referral partners.

New Feature Highlights:

Co-Branded Landing Page: Accessible from the 'Partner Marketing Page URL' section under the Partner Details Page. This page prominently features both your branding and that of your partner.

Enhanced Client Engagement: Visitors who enter their information on this co-branded landing page will receive a co-branded version of the app sent directly to their phone, ensuring consistent brand experience.

Streamlined Sharing Process: Easily share the co-branded landing page with your referral partners and clients by copying and pasting the URL.


What if I don't see the Partner Marketing Page URL on the details page?

If the Partner Marketing Page URL is not present, it means that the user has not been set up as a co-branding partner. Please add them as a co-branding partner to enable this feature.

Best Practices:

  • Promote Your Landing Page: Provide the link to your co-branding partners and let them know to share the co-branded landing page URL in their communications, social media, and during networking events.

  • Monitor Engagement: Track how your clients and partners interact with the landing page to continually optimize the experience.

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