Lead Groups

How do lead groups work? When should I use them?

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How lead groups work

Lead groups can be configured with specific parameters based on the on tags applied to a Contact Record (ie. App End User, Lead, Referral Partner, Past Client)

Using Lead groups

The lead groups feature allows you to create customizable user groups based on contact tags. This feature makes it easier to manage your contacts and target your marketing efforts more effectively.

How to filter by lead groups

Lead Groups are available on your desktop dashboard right when you log in on the home page. To filter by a specific lead group, click on the drop-down from your home page:

If you do not have any lead groups, you can go to App Settings > Manage lead groups > Plus icon

Click the + icon in the top right to create a new lead group.

How to adjust lead groups

Each contact has a set list of lead groups. You can adjust lead scoring categories or add groups as needed. The dashboard supports up to five lead group categories. To add or change lead groups:

  1. Log into your desktop dashboard.

  2. Click 'App Settings' on the left navigation menu.

  3. Click the “Manage Lead Groups” tab at the bottom of the menu.

To add a new scoring category:

  • Click the plus icon towards the top right.

  • Type the category name in the "Name" field.

  • Select an icon from the dropdown menu if desired.

  • Click the "tags" section and select the tag{s) to include in the filter. (Note: If multiple tags are included, contacts containing any individual tags will be included in the filter.)

To adjust an existing scoring category:

  • Click the "Name" field to adjust or replace the name.

  • Use the "Icon" dropdown menu to select a new icon.

  • Click the tags section and select the tag(s) to include in the filter. (Click the x icon next to an existing tag to remove it.)

  • Click the "x" to the right of a group to remove it.

  • Use the horizontal lines to the left of a group, then drag & drop to reorder groups.

Note: If multiple tags are included in a group, contacts containing any individual tags will be included in the filter.

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