What is EasyText?
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EasyText is the simplest, fastest, and often the best way to share your app. If you can text, you can use EasyText.

EasyText has two parts: a five-digit SMS short code and your keyword.

An SMS short code is a string of five numbers that you put into the “To:” section of the text message. Your short code is always the same: 36260.

Your keyword was included in your introductory email. Usually, it’s something very close to your first and last name. Find your keyword in the menu of your Cardtapp Native app (formerly Tapptracker) or at the top of your admin dashboard.

Find your keyword

This means that to share your mobile app with anyone, all you have to tell them is to “text yourkeyword to 36260”.

EasyText is great for sharing your app and capturing leads.

Use it on:

  • Flyers

  • Trade Show booths

  • Presentation decks

  • Whiteboards during meetings

  • Social media

  • Billboards

  • Radio advertising

Just add “Text ≺YOUR UNIQUE KEYWORD> to <SHORT CODE>” anywhere you want to advertise your app. You can also automatically tag incoming leads by adding a #tag after your keyword. Anyone who texts your keyword to the shortcode will receive an automatic reply with a link to download your app!

Note: You can add value to co-branded partners with a unique keyword that delivers their unique co-branded app.

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