How to import contacts

How to import contacts from the dashboard

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As of January 2024, the import feature has been disabled and is no longer available on the Cardtapp platform. We recognize that this update may not align with your expectations. However, this decision was made to enhance the platform's security and integrity, by mitigating potential risks associated with spam. Our commitment to providing a safe and reliable user experience necessitated this precautionary measure. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

1. Click "Import contacts"

2. Open the sample template

3. Select File > Make a copy

4. Give your copy a name and select "Make a copy"

5. Enter details for all contacts you want to import

6. Choose File > Download > Comma Separated Values

7. Switch back to your dashboard

8. Browse for the csv you created in google sheets.

9. Select the upload button

Common issues & troubleshooting

File Format

The import file must be in .CSV format. No other file formats will be accepted by the Import Contacts tool.

Column Headers

The import file column headers must match the exact name of the headers in the template. If the column headers are not an exact match to the import template, you will receive an error message and be unable to import.

To resolve this error, you will want to make sure the column headers match the below image. Note, additional columns cannot be included in the import file or you will receive an error message and be unable to import.

Missing Phone Numbers

The import file cannot have rows (ie. contacts) with missing phone numbers. If a contact does not have a phone number, their information/row should be removed from the import file prior to uploading. If there are rows (ie. contacts) with missing phone numbers, you will receive an error message and be unable to import.

Example of an import that will fail to upload

Example of the same import that has been updated and will successfully upload

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